Finance Round 2 [Freewriting & Rant]

The most profound experience so far has been reducing my food budget. I was spending well over $600 on meals each month. Then, I moved to a home with a nice kitchen. Prepping meals consisting of roast potatoes, asparagus, bell peppers, and meats, I’ve cut that down to $200 per month. Add in eating out and I’m at about $300. [Rant included].

On Faith & Rosh Hashana

His followers have a strong faith in God, but God doesn’t exist. Have I further embraced Atheism as a way to counter the wrongs in this country — the wrongs of the religious right wing? Their beliefs put myself and my friends in danger and it’s used under the guise of “religious freedom”. I haven’t believed in God since my Bar Mitzvah. I tried.

My Journey to Financial Independence

“It’s been just under a month since I moved into a new home and pieced together my budget. I’ve kicked thrifty mode into high gear. Since moving into the new home with roommates, I’ve been able to save $140 per month on utilities and Internet, $300 per month on food, and $20 per month on laundry. This house has everything included and I’m excited to find thrifty ways to save money.”

The Dark Table Vancouver: Eating in Total Darkness

“She began to tell us about the restaurant experience and that it would involve eating in total darkness. When I’d read the restaurant’s description, I thought it would be more of a low-light and intimate experience. Nope. Total blackness. I could not see anything. All the light in the universe had faded. Yuko told us that we were going to form a train and I proceeded to put my arms on her shoulders with Michael mimicking my gesture behind me.” [700 words]

Devil-May-Care V: This Land was made for You and Me

“Faraz and I had arrived in Quartzsite, Arizona. We made our final stop outside California off the 10 at a Love’s Travel Stop. We then stocked up on water and the basics. We’d driven 1881 miles over 7 days and had another 260 to go. We had left Chicago and stopped in Springfield, IL, St. Louis, Tulsa, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and a number of small towns, notably Grants, NM”.

Devil-May-Care III: Stars and Bars in New Mexico

“Was there any way to convince this man with a confederate flag tattoo of logic or reason that Barack Obama was not a communist? What point does it hold to inform a coal miner that the work they do is destroying the planet? How could one ever convince an ignoramus that homeless individuals don’t use drugs when all they see are tents filled with ne’er do wells and dregs of society?”